Tiny Luxury Homes

Prices start at $90,000*
Sizes start at 800 square feet. Mortgages begin at $600 per month**

Our tiny luxury homes are a true combination of affordability, luxury, style, comfort, and value, all crafted into a well built STATIONARY home. Our unique homes are a modern and environmentally friendly gift from our company to the world. We have designed and created these homes to combine comfortable luxury living with affordability, all under one roof. This is good for your finances, and good for the environment.

You can have the best of luxury living with the stress-free happiness of affordability. Imagine living in a plush manageable sized home that caters to your needs for pampered living. An eco-friendly footprint sized home that offers you all the modern comfort that you need. Your family will love you for this size home and you will love yourself for not cutting corners on your comfort. Downsizing doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. It simply means you care for the planet and you care for yourself by giving yourself the luxury and happiness you need to live a full and rich life.

Our tiny luxury homes are sumptuously designed with lavish cozy living in mind. We include some of the latest high end appliances and luxuriant features from vaulted ceilings, spa style shower experiences, elegant LED lighting, Kohler plumbing products, hand crafted windows and doors, large entertainment decks, and so much more! Your neighbors will be impressed by how well you live at such an affordable price.

Listed features:

  • Elegant interior and exterior designed living spaces
  • Smart home automation
  • Amazing luxurious door and window styles
  • Environmentally friendly solar systems with battery back ups so your home will always have electricity even in a grid black out.
  • Surround Dolby sound systems
  • Luxurious lighting systems
  • Radiant in-floor heating systems
  • Personalized work space
  • Custom furniture packages
  • Open and functional kitchen space
  • Plush bathroom designs
  • Hot tubs and pools
  • Unique artistically designed spaces
  • Outdoor recreational spaces
  • Home entertainment packages

*Just for the price of the home. Does not include the land cost. If you need land, we can offer a program which includes affordable land costs.

**See all terms and conditions for mortgage and qualifications