Prices start at $90,000*
Affordable Mortgage starting at $400 per month.**

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to afford one of our homes. Beginning with our tiny homes, anyone making 2.5 times the cost of one of our tiny home mortgages, can afford one of our tiny homes. Since our tiny home mortgages start at $600* per month, any person, couple, or group of friends making a minimum of $1,500**per month can afford one of our basic tiny homes.

Our tiny homes are simply spectacular. They are stationary, not mobile, so they will qualify for home mortgage financing. Our tiny homes are a wonderful way for you to begin experiencing the joy and beauty of home ownership. When you own your own home you take pride in your property. The money that you would normally pay for rent, once it has been spent, that hard earned money is gone.

You will never see that money again. However, when you own a home every dollar you pay towards your mortgage or home improvements is reinvested into your future. Stop throwing your money away by renting and invest in your future by owning one of our tiny homes.

When you purchase one of our tiny homes, they will become a beautiful extension of your life. A place where you can grow, celebrate yourself, and enrich your life, while building your future.

By owning one of our tiny homes you can plan and make the right moves for you and your family. It allows you to save more of your money that you can then use to invest in improving the quality of your life instead of making your landlord rich.

Our tiny homes are beautiful, newly built, environmentally friendly, stylish, and affordable. Built with what you need to enjoy everyday of you life. Our tiny homes are simply amazing.