Prices start at $220,000 for these amazing homes*
Sizes start at 2000 ft.²
Mortgages begin at $988 per month**

What if you could afford a luxury home at the price of a traditional home?

Well you can.

Each one of our affordable luxury homes are a unique work of art designed specifically for every home owners needs. Both the interior and exterior offer the greatest in modern comfort, style, and class. Imagine living in luxury and delight all at a very affordable price. Everyone can be the king or queen of their own castle living in style and grace, pampering themselves, and enjoying their best life ever.

Make every day the best day of your life by optimizing your happiness and productivity in your very own affordable luxury home.

What is the difference between a luxury home and our affordable luxury home?

Simply put, the cost. Enjoying all the luxurious comforts of a traditional luxury home at a fraction of the cost. The biggest difference between these two homes is just the price you pay. For example, you can expect to pay on average 50% less for our affordable luxury home while enjoying the same amount of elegance, comfort, and chic living at a greatly reduced cost compared to a traditionally built home.

While building your home, we can design it with a long list of styles and titillations specifically crafted to meet your needs and desires.

Listed features:

  • Elegantly designed interior and exterior living spaces
  • Smart home automation
  • Amazing luxurious door and window styles
  • Environmentally friendly solar systems with battery back ups so your home will always have electricity even in a grid black out.
  • Surround Dolby sound systems
  • Luxurious lighting systems
  • Radiant in-floor heating systems
  • Personalized work space
  • Custom furniture packages
  • Open and functional kitchen space
  • Plush bathroom designs
  • Hot tubs and pools
  • In home spas and saunas
  • Unique artistically designed spaces
  • Outdoor recreational spaces
  • Home entertainment packages
  • In home gym
  • Game and theatre rooms
  • The list goes on!

**Just the basic price of the mortgage not including property tax or other Financial monthly fees