Prices start at $150,000*
Home sizes start at 1200 Square feet.
Affordable mortgages start at $650 per month.**

The best time to buy an affordable home is now. Why? Because of the many benefits that affordable home ownership brings you.

Affordable home ownership equals MORE financial happiness and freedom!

Affordable home ownership delivers GREATER financial security and is one of the best safeguards against future financial uncertainty due to global or local events.

Understand this, if you are renting an apartment or home, every time you pay your rent that’s hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you will never see again. You are just making your landlord rich. When you pay your rent, that money is simply gone forever. However, if you have an affordable mortgage, every time you pay your mortgage you are re-investing that money back into you and your family’s future. Paying your affordable mortgage is paying off your home which is one of the greatest sources of value and wealth in your life. If you should ever sell you home, that is money you will get back, or you can even pull money out of your home from the accumulated equity.

Don’t you hate the feeling of being stressed out and struggling to pay your high rent or high mortgage every month? What about the feeling of being broke after you pay your high rent/mortgage every month? It is a terrible feeling having to deprive yourself of living happily and experiencing more joy and freedom simply because you are short on money after paying your high rent/mortgage every month.

It is a medically known fact that, prolonged stress and anxiety negatively impact your health and rob you of your happy state of mind. You can end this ceaseless cycle of paying your high rent/mortgages and being broke afterwards each month. You work hard each month, only to give your hard-earned money away to pay your high rent/mortgage again and again every 30 days. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

Our affordable mortgages are on average $900* per month. Compare that to your current rent or mortgage. The average monthly rent in the US is around $1,200-$2,400 per month or more. The average mortgage is around $2000-$4000 per month or more. Simply by going with an affordable mortgage, the average family may save over $10,000 per year. We have many different plans to help people get in their own affordable home for little to no money down for those who qualify. Basic qualifications are a 650 credit score and a total household income of $2,400** per month. That’s just a minimum monthly income of $1,200 each for a family of two adults. We also have programs to help all customers get financially qualified.

Benefits of an Affordable Home vs. High Rent

1. Save money immediate1. Throw your money away indefinitely
2. Average saving $500-$1500 per month2. Average loss of $12,000 to $21,610 per year
3. Happier healthier you less financial stress3. A more financially stressful life
4. Keep your money Increasing your net worth 4. Make your landlord rich
5. No increase in rent fixed mortgage can't go up 5. Worrying about the rent going up
6. Fire your landlord, you are the owner6. You are a renter, your landlord is in control
7. Homeowners can take tax deductions7. Cannot deduct mortgage interest payments
8. Add an ADU build a second income stream8. NO SECOND INCOME STREAM
9. Deduct eligible energy-efficient improvements9. Cannot go solar
10. Low to no down payment/no deposit10. Landlord keeps your deposit
11. Great investment in your future11. No investment in your future
12. Pride Of Home Ownership12. Numbing feeling of giving money away without ownership

Build wealth and the beautiful happy life you want today and it all starts with affordable home ownership. Think of the joy, happiness and freedom that you will have owning your own affordable home.

Many people creatively satisfy their mortgage payment simply by adding an accessory dwelling unit and generating passive income. For many affordable home owners the income earned from their ADU pays most or all of the mortgage. What a great way to keep your money! Also if you buy your house this year in 2020 you will get a 26% tax credit on your solar system.

For people that are interested in home ownership but are not able to meet the requirements alone, group property ownership is a great creative way of buying property. It allows for multiple owners, usually family members, a group of friends, college roommates, etc, to purchase a property collectively and benefit through a portion of the ownership reducing their cost of living through a collective shared lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Get your affordable home today! Begin living your best life ever, with your very own affordable home.Just say yes and do it, you’re going to be so happy you did.

Go from being a renter to an owner.
Change your financial vibration, and change your life forever.