Affordable Smart Homes

Modern smart home
Starting at $150,000 and up*
Square feet starts at 700 ft.² and above
Affordable mortgage starting at $900 per month and above

For the ultimate experience in happiness, security, and comfortable living, go with our uniquely designed smart homes. Our smart homes will bring you to new levels of daily fun and excitement. You will be overjoyed everyday to live in your smart home. Enhance your lifestyle with our custom designed smart home that can act as your very own personal assistant. You can program various smart appliances into your smart home to preform functions such as prepare meals for you, do your laundry, cut and water your grass, make your coffee, optimize your environment through temperature and lighting, etc!

The bottom line is, by owning a smart home your life gets much easier because your home is actually taking care of you by accomplishing your basic every day tasks and functions. Your smart home is actually pampering you while making your life even better.

Enhance the quality of your life with OUR SMART HOMES.
Make everyday FUN FUN FUN!

Your uniquely designed smart home will give you the power and convenience to control your appliances and devices automatically. You will be in control both inside your home and remotely outside of your home from anywhere you may be with just an internet connection using a mobile or other networked device. You will have access and be completely aware of what is happening at your home at all times. Remember, the ultimate secure home is a smart home. Watch over your family anywhere you are with your security systems.

Stay in control even while you are away from your home, giving you peace of mind.

Take pleasure in showing off your smart home and inviting your friends over to experience the modern comforts as well as the awesome gadgets and automation of your home. We customize and program your energy efficient smart home to be your very own technological playground.

You can increase the value of your current home by making it a smart home. It is a proven fact that smart homes sell faster than traditional homes. Because of the extra value they hold, they are actually easier to resell. This is a great investment for you and your family.

Some Key benefits of having a smart home:

  • Increase your security
  • Control your home’s temperature
  • Enjoy interacting with your home robots and have fun
  • Interface and communicate directly with your home
  • Lighting packages to sync with music, video games, entertainment etc
  • Smart kitchen to order your food and prepare meals for you.
  • Smart bathrooms to enjoy spa like experiences
  • Eco-friendly solar system with battery so your home will always have electricity even in a grid black out.
  • Smart blinds to open and close while lying in bed to wake you up in the morning.
  • Smart fans & HVAC to save energy and keep your home at the perfect temperature.
  • Smart laundry to wash and dry your clothes
  • Security cameras monitor property in every area of your home to keep you safe.
  • Smart locking system that can be operated remotely to let guests in your home.
  • Smart appliances like smart refrigerators and mirrors to order food and products as needed.
  • Smart entertainment and sound system using holograms and virtual reality technology.
  • Smart Wifi and internet connections
  • Smart plugs and electrical systems
  • Smart home management device systems that are Apple and Google compatible
  • Smart irrigation to water your lawn and plants
  • Smart garage opener
  • Eco friendly Robot lawn mower
  • Smart water fountains
  • Smart toilets that open and close with cleaning functions
  • Solar windows to generate electricity

There is no end to the many amazing functions and features of our amazing smart homes and the price is really nice!

*Prices are for building and construction costs only does not include price of land, local government costs such as property taxes, etc