3D Printed Homes

Prices start at $90,000 Square feet starts at 650 ft.² Affordable mortgages start as low as $700 per month**

3-D printed buildings are the future of construction!

Why? Simply put, by using this innovative technological platform, we can create amazing homes at a fraction of the cost, time, and with less waste and resources of traditionally built homes.

The science and proven technological success of 3-D printed construction technology is a game changing paradigm shift for our planet. It allows buildings to be constructed at 50% less cost than conventionally constructed buildings. Since the main building material is concrete, the 3-D printed home will actually be stronger and last longer than traditionally built homes with less maintenance and problems.

There is minimal maintenance required, and because the homes are made primarily of concrete, it reduces the problems that traditionally built homes have. Our 3-D printed homes using our innovative technology are fire resistant, earthquake resistant, and free of termite and mold issues. Also, depending on the shape and design of the 3-D printed home, it can be constructed to be hurricane resistant as well.

This is the revolution of housing construction that the world has been waiting for!

It can solve the main problems that have created an affordable housing crisis worldwide. The biggest challenges to building conventionally constructed homes are the high costs of construction, time, and waste of resources. With the threat of potential fires and natural disasters continually concerning the home owner, a 3-D printed home is the natural remedy for these issues.

New 3-D printed homes and buildings can be constructed to last for generations. Each building can be its own unique work of art by the homeowner personally designing their home with the help of one of our design professionals. These are high performance, high quality, and affordable buildings that put everyone on the path to affordable housing. Let us help you make the right choice for your home today!

*This is the cost of construction for the home only. This does not include soft costs like permits, architecture, engineering, etc. This does not include the land costs. This is just the hard cost of constructing the home only.
**These are suggested starting mortgage rates for our affordable homes. This is based on the cost of constructing the home only. This affordable mortgage price is based near a 2.9% per annum interest rate at a 30 year fixed mortgage rate. No other cost are included in this mortgage.